Should I Change the Locks of My New Home?

Should you change the locks of your new home or use the old ones? Many new homeowners are faced with this tough decision.

The answer is yes. Changing your new home’s locks can help protect you from burglary and other property crimes.

This article will help you with tips to know if you should change the locks of your new home and the benefits of your decision.

Why Do I Need to Change My Locks?

Your new home will be less vulnerable to break-ins because it’s harder for criminals to get into a house that has upgraded locks.

New locks will also give you an extra sense of peace and security anytime you are in or away from your home.

You will also find that new locks can make your new home more appealing to potential buyers if you decide to sell it in the future.

Now that we have established the need for new locks in a new home, what options do you have?

The first option is high-security, keyless entry locks, which require pin codes or swipe cards that provide maximum security. 

The second option is a lock system that you can control from the internet. This way, guests can get in quickly too.

The third option is installing new deadbolts that work by using a key or turning the knob to open them.

The Best Way to Install a New Lock

The first step is to measure the width of the door and its thickness and height with a ruler. You will then need to locate where you should drill the holes to install your new deadbolt on the new door.

Next, measure the depth of the strike plate and make sure that it is long enough for your new lock. Drill holes two or three holes depending on what type of lock you are installing.

It is now time to install your new door locks on the new door with a drill and some screws that come with them.


Changing the locks of a new home is very important for the security of your new home. You can either install the locks on your own or contact a professional such as Salem Locksmith to help you. 

You never know whether the previous owner had spare keys left at a friend’s house. For more advice on new homes and new locks, contact Salem Locksmith today!

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