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House keys are typically made of durable metal that basically makes them indestructible. You can hardly find a key that got worn out after only a couple of years of frequent use. In fact, the main problem that people have with them is that they get lost easily.

However, these keys are not immune to damage. You shouldn’t be surprised if your keys suddenly get broken into smaller pieces while you’re trying to lock or unlock a door. When this happens, the first thing that comes to mind is to extract the broken key. Sure, it would be easy if it only broke in half and the other piece is not fully inserted in the cylinder.

But what if your key broke into smaller pieces that are too far inside the cylinder? Extraction is still the solution, but this means that you will need the assistance of our expert residential locksmith. And if you’re located anywhere in Dayton, Ohio, there is no one better to call than our professionals at Salem Locksmith.


Installing a new security system

Reduce the anxiety and ensure the safety of your property at all times by installing a security system that meets your needs. There’s a ton of options that you find on the market today, but Salem Locksmith knows the type that works best for the clients.

Whether you are operating a cafe, restaurant, running a store, or simply looking for an effective and reliable security system for your office space, just give us a call and we will recommend one that suits your place.

If you already have one, consider updating the technology, especially if you think there are more people with access to the current system than necessary.


Rekeying your car locks

Rekeying services are not just limited to residential and commercial spaces. It can also be done with cars, more specifically with the ignition cylinder. But not a lot of people know that ignition cylinders are also considered as a type of lock. This explains why many are confused as to why they have to contact our automotive locksmith instead of a mechanic when something goes wrong with the ignition.

Now that you know about it, it would be easier to find a solution to your problem in case your ignition acts up. Rekeying a cylinder is usually needed when you get your ignition replaced and you do not wish to use a separate key for it.

Since a new cylinder usually has a key that’s specifically coded to it, you will need the assistance of our locksmith to rekey it and make sure that it works with the current set of keys that you have. In most cases, the procedure is combined with an ignition replacement service and takes less than 30 minutes to complete.


Experienced and reliable locksmiths

Any locksmith work requires the skill level that only our professional can provide. While some requests appear simple and can be done on your own, getting the help of a certified and experienced locksmith should always come first.

At Salem Locksmith, we do not recommend DIY repairs because this could cause a lot of risks on your part. It can compromise you and your property’s safety and cannot give you the assurance that the problem has been resolved.

For locksmith services that you can trust, always contact our expert with years of extensive experience and that’s what we offer in our company.


24-hr emergency

Does your business operate on irregular working hours? Or does your office work follow a different timezone? There could come a time when you would need locksmith services in the wee hours of the night. If you think this is a concern for you, it’s always best to have a dependable locksmith service on your speed dial.

Salem Locksmith offers all kinds of professional locksmith services 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. We have an emergency hotline that is always open to accommodate your requests be it for an automotive, commercial, or residential locksmith concern.


Immediate response

Locksmith concerns often happen at the most inopportune moments. Sometimes you realize you have lost your car keys after a long day at work or you suddenly find your house keys snapped in two as you are rushing to get inside. You may have also encountered issues with your safety chains in the office or a missing key for an important filing cabinet.

When you call Salem Locksmith, your locksmith issues can be addressed in no time. With our immediate response time, our technicians will be with you within minutes after your call. No times wasted on waiting or falling in line.

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Locksmith Bowersville
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