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If you work in an office with an electronic security system that uses keypads or cards, you might be thinking you have no need for a commercial locksmith. We’ve encountered this a lot of times in the past — people thinking that you only get locked out when you don’t have a physical key.

The truth is that there are also instances when electronic systems get bugged or stop working. You may have your key card with you or you know the number combination by heart but when there is a power outage or system maintenance, you will definitely have little to no access to a locked office.

But what if you have urgent matters to attend to at work? The answer to your problem is to call for help from our reliable locksmith. Specifically, our locksmiths specialize in commercial services and can accommodate emergency requests. Salem Locksmith offers both, so feel free to let us know if you need assistance.


Lost or stolen keys to a motorcycle

Other than commercial locksmith services, we also offer automotive locksmith work. But if you think we only service sedans, SUVs, trucks, and minivans, that’s where you are mistaken. Our locksmiths are also more than capable of providing solutions to motorcycles.

Just like any other vehicle, motorbike owners are also prone to issues such as lost or stolen keys. And just like how car owners would address the situation, the solution is to get the help of our expert automotive locksmith.

Whether you are looking to replace the missing keys to your motorbike and thinking of getting minor repair work done, we at Salem Locksmith are the right people to call.


Adding window grilles at home

Living in high-rise buildings and apartment complexes have become commonplace in Dayton, Ohio. Many families consider moving to these residential units regardless of the safety risks when raising children. If your family is one of these, it doesn’t mean you should pack up and move to another palace right away.

You can always child-proof your home with the help of expert residential locksmiths. Salem Locksmith offers services that do exactly this. We can help you reinforce security at your home by installing window grilles, bars, or other forms of restrictors. This way, you can be sure that your kids and pets can play safely even when left unattended.

We can customize the grilles according to your liking and budget while making sure that we abide by the housing regulations in the city and your neighborhood.


Best price guarantee

Budget is often among the biggest concerns of customers when it comes to locksmith services. Due to the fear that locksmith solutions provided by professionals are costly, many people opt to do the work themselves. While there is nothing exactly wrong with it, it hardly takes care of the root cause of the problem. What DIY work does is provide a band-aid solution instead of properly addressing the issue.

At Salem Locksmith, we want our customers to realize that getting professional locksmith services should not be just an afterthought. At the first sight of a problem, we should be the first ones you call. We do this by keeping our rates reasonable and highly competitive. You can always be sure to find a service package that fits your budget without the quality being compromised.


Performed at your location

Convenience is also a major factor when it comes to locksmith services. Since the client’s concerns are often at home or in the office, it would be such a hassle to ask you to bring the problematic item to our garage.

To ensure that you do not feel inconvenienced in any way, we made every single one of our services mobile. Our locksmiths will be the one to go to your specified location, be it the store that you own, your office building, your house, or even on the road if you need automotive assistance.

You no longer have to worry about leaving their homes or skipping work for several hours just to get the best locksmith services.


All locksmith work guaranteed

To achieve the satisfaction of our customers, we see to it that the services we provide are completed on time and the best way possible. The locksmiths in our team are professional, respectful, and transparent. If you are worried about getting charged extra for our services, we can assure you that it will never happen.

The service rates that we quote you with when you call are the same rates you will pay for once our locksmith completes the job. You can also count on our technicians to know what they are doing because all of our team members are licensed, trained, and bonded.

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