How To Avoid A Locksmith Scam?

Locksmith scams are all too common these days. It’s quite easy to fall for one of these locksmith scams and end up with locks that don’t work, a stolen credit card number, or locks installed incorrectly – it has happened to many people before you. 

Here’s how to avoid such in the near future:

Call In Advance Before You Even Need Them 

Do background research on the locksmiths in your area. Ensure they are legitimate locksmith companies with certifications and other verification documents and not scam artists with their own locksmith company.

 Make sure the company has a physical address even before requiring their services. You may notice some companies have hidden logos or might not wear uniforms at all, which could indicate fraudulent behavior.

Ask Beforehand On Charges

Professional locksmiths should provide a written lock-out service agreement before starting work, outlining what locks will be changed/rekeyed and the total cost of labor. Be sure to ask for an estimate in writing before any locks are rekeyed or replaced, so there’s no confusion about the price after they’re finished with the job.

If they don’t offer a detailed estimate, they’re probably scammers. 

Enquire On Insurance Covers

Ask if your locksmith is insured to protect yourself from potential damage caused by scammers who try to break into your home while on-site working on your locks without appropriate insurance coverage.

Be careful to make sure locks are rekeyed as soon as possible after changing locks because most scammers will have duplicate keys made quickly using lock picking tools.

Verify Locksmiths Coming To Your House

Don’t allow anyone that comes knocking at your door into your home without first verifying who they are or calling the number listed as the contact information of the business listing. 

Always request identification documents such as ID cards, driver’s license/passport, or vehicle operator licenses issued by law enforcement agencies. These should be shown upfront to verify who is coming into your home. 


Locksmiths are generally trustworthy, and locksmith scams do exist. There are many different types of locksmith scams you can find online, so it’s essential to know how to avoid them before it’s too late.  

Some locksmith scams occur when a locksmith arrives at someone’s home to help with an emergency lockout. To avoid scams, reach out to Salem Locksmith to ensure you’re dealing with a legit locksmith company. 

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