Car Lock Out Solutions

No matter how careful you are, car lockout issuers are common, especially when you have a lot of things in your mind. Apart from the stress and frustration you are likely to face due to car lockouts, you may also miss important meetings and appointments. 

Here are the top car lock-out contexts and the best-suited solutions:

Lost Car Key

After a long weekend of relaxing or having fun with your friends and family, you realize you don’t have your car keys. Although you can use public transport for a few days, it is not something you can do long term because it will inconvenience you.  

Broken Car Key

When your key breaks, it is useless because you cannot use it to open your car. Worst case scenario is when the car key breaks while in the ignition, and you were rushing to go for a meeting or appointment.

Standard Car Lockout

Standard car lockout happens when you forget your key in the car and lock it, leaving you stranded outside. It is more frustrating if you had locked the trunk as well leaving you with no way of accessing your keys.

So, with these scenarios and others, how do you open your door without the car keys?


Shoestring will work only if your car door mechanism unlocks by pulling up. Tie a small loop in the middle of the shoestring, then lower it into the car through space where the car’s door meets the exterior. 

Once you ensure it is hooked to the lock, pull it. If you are unsuccessful at the first trial, try again.

Rod and Screwdriver

All you need to do is use the screwdriver to open the door slightly, stick the rod in and push the unlock button.

Although these methods work, you may not have the tools or the time required because you are unlikely to succeed in the first attempt. Moreover, you may damage your car while trying to open the door.

Wrapping Up

Salem Locksmith is a trusted company that you can contact when you encounter car lock-out issues. Our dedicated locksmiths will be on-site fast, and they will offer you a solution in no time so that you can have your car back on the road.

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